MICA: oMIc detection of CAncer

A partnership between Aber Uni and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Clinicians

We believe that many diseases can change certain chemicals in peoples’ blood, saliva and urine. These chemicals or ‘biomarkers’ may be detectable even before a patient develops symptoms or we see changes on hospital scans. We want to look at a combination of new tests termed “OMICS” which include genetic testing in our research laboratories. This research programme combining an Omics testing approach to cancer diagnosis is termed “MICA”. It may help to diagnose diseases earlier and improve our care in the near future.

Science Lab

OSCAR: Omics Approaches to Urological Cancer Diagnosis

Breast Cancer

Scientist Using Microscope

Head and neck cancer

Bladder cancer


Our Team

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Professor Stephen Hughes

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Professor Iqbal Shergill

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Professor Luis Mur