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The Aberystwyth team

Our team of researchers are making important discoveries in our area of focus. While everyone is working in their particular field, our collaborative Medical Research Lab means that we are all working towards a common goal. Read on to find out more.


Dr. Chuan Lu

Lecturer in Bioinformatics

Department of computer science


Dr. Otar Akanyeti

Lecturer in Computer Science

Department of computer science


Dr Federico Villagra Povina

Lecturer in Exercise and Physiology

Federico completed his PhD thesis in the area of Motor Control of human tremors in health & disease and undertook his first Post-doctoral Fellowship with Dr William C. Koller in the area of controlling tremor in Parkinson's Disease. His research interests are in the area of Motor control in health and disease and in the application of Exercise as a form of Medicine to prevent and treat chronic diseases.


Mr. Keiron O'Shea

Doctoral student


dan bloor.jfif

Mr. Dan Bloor

Doctoral student

Department of computer science


Mr. Rob Bolton

Doctoral student

Department of computer science

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Prof. Luis A. J. Mur

Principal investigator

Prof. Mur is Director of Reseach for Biology and Health at Aberystwyth University. He uses the latest 'omic' approaches to develop our knowledge of a range of pathologies.  He is visiting Professor of UNESP (Sao Paulo) in Brazil, the University of Silesia in Poland, and Northwest University in China. He has "recognised foreign expert" status at Shangdong University, China.


Dr. Manfred Beckmann

Chief analysist

Dr. Beckmann is Metabolomics Champion in the High-Resolution Metabolomics Laboratory at Aberystwyth University. His research interests are in high through-put ultra-high-resolution Metabolomics to analyse 'real-world' samples


Ms Helen Phillips

Technician  (mass spectrometry)


Miss Katie Love

Doctoral student

Katie is currently a 3rd year PhD student at Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK. Her research is focused on using flow-infusion mass spectrometry to discover biomarkers in respiratory disease, with a focus on pleural effusions. Prior to her PhD, Katie earned her BSc Hons in Genetics and Human Health, going on to gain experience in researching host/pathogen interactions in malaria, along with working in the medical device industry and diagnostics services in autoimmune disorders.


Miss Sarah Thomas

Doctoral Student

Sarah has a BSc (Hons) in Genetics, and is in year 2 of her PhD at Aberystwyth University, where she researches microbial and metabolite markers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She has interests in antimicrobial resistance and microbiomes, of both humans and in the environments we interact with.


Miss Tracy C. Knight

Doctoral Student

Tracy went to university as a mature student gaining a BSc in Biochemistry at Aberystwyth University. She is now studying for a PhD at Aberystwyth investigating new approaches to screening for prostate cancer, employing novel genetic, metabolomic and proteomic approaches. Outside of research Tracy enjoys reading and movies, alongside spending time with family and friends.


Miss Sumana Bhowmick

Research Assistant

Sumana is a biotechnologist, received a doctoral degree from Aberystwyth University focusing on the natural product chemistry of traditional Chinese herbs. The goal of her research is to develop and apply powerful new multi-omics and computational approaches to gain insights into the chemical and molecular machinery of the multidrug-resistant bacterium and natural antimicrobials against them. Other research activities include validation of protein biomarkers in COPD patient samples and biorefining of plant feedstocks to fine and bulk chemicals including biofuels.
More about Sumana:


Miss Molly Tildesley

Master's Student

Molly is a master's student at Aberystwyth University studying biology. Her interests lie in investigating the relationship between metabolomics and lung cancer diagnostics.


Miss Tina Kramarić

Doctoral student

Tina is a PhD student researching biomarkers of respiratory diseases with the aim of improving detection and personalised medicine strategies. Her interests lie in using 'omics' techniques to improve respiratory disease and cancer detection and treatments.


Miss Aimi Zainurin

Doctoral Student

Aimi graduated with Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering (Hons) and Masters of Science in Biotechnology Engineering in 2017 and 2019 respectively from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), studied metabolites and the biological activities of natural products. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD at Aberystwyth University, investigating the novel biomarkers for early detection of breast cancer (BC) & capsular contracture (CC) employing OMICs & artificial intelligence (AI)-based approaches. She is also involved with a chronic stroke management project and an idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) project.

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Aberystwyth Stroke Research Group

Clinical, local and international collaborators

Researchers with different backgrounds supporting our research from all around the world


Professor Keir Lewis

COPD, Lung Cancer and smart database development

Keir Lewis is Professor at Swansea University, Medical Director of Respiratory Innovation Wales and Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at Hywel Dda University Health Board. He is the Clinical Lead for the Novel Technologies Project and helps to frame new questions on biomarkers and helps identify and recruit patients with various lung conditions into the various studies.


Sarah Bowen

Respiratory Research Assisstant

Sarah Bowen Respiratory Research Assistant at Prince Philip Hospital Hywel Dda University Health Board. She provides day to day admin support for the Novel Technologies project, site file maintenance and co-ordinating sample transfers.

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Dr. Scott O'rourke

Research Adviser

Dr O'Rourke graduated from Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in 2011 and is currently a senior registrar in respiratory and general internal medicine in Wales. He has a special interest in sleep medicine, and is currently undertaking a MD in metabolomics and sleep-disordered breathing at Swansea University.

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Professor Stephen Hughes

Prostate and Bladder Cancer Diagnostics

Betsi Cadwaladr


Professor Iqbal Shergill

Prostate and Bladder Cancer Diagnostics

Betsi Cadwaladr


Professor Nick Maskell

Pleural Effusions

University of Bristol


Dr. Rahul Bhatnagar

Pleural Effusions

University of Bristol


Professor Daniela Riccardi

Novel COPD, IPF and asthma treatment strategies

Cardiff University


Professor Patricia Reis

Lung, pancreatic, hepatic and colorectal cancer

São Paulo State University (UNESP)


Dr. Sandra Drigo

Lung, pancreatic, hepatic and colorectal cancer

São Paulo State University (UNESP)


Professor Ji Bing

Image analysis in cancer diagnosis

Shandong University

Company partners

We work with a series of companies that help translate our research into meaningful improvements to patient care.

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Dr. David John Rooke

Director  (i-OMICS Ltd.)

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Mr. Ian Bond

CEO  (Bond Digital Health Ltd.)  and Director  (i-OMICS Ltd.)

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